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Running to gain fitness
One of the featured fitness exercises is running. This allows to work the physical resistance, and activate the whole organism. It is also an important leg job. Running on a treadmill allows you to do it in a safe environment, without obstacles and with less impact on the joints. And you can choose programmed routines with different speeds and even inclinations, if you have a good device.

But if you prefer to run outdoors try to do it in an environment with minimal risk of injury, without contamination and without road crossings.

It is important that you take into account your current fitness status. If it is very low you cannot pretend to start with long distances and high intensity. It is important that your body adapts to physical exercise. And that your pulsations do not go off.

Also, you can optimize your training by running with weights. It is an ideal option if you train on a treadmill. A training vest is a great choice.

Indoor or outdoor bicycle
The bicycle is also one of the exercises to improve physical fitness suitable for those who have never practiced sports before. And for those who already do it regularly. At home, in the gym or outdoors. It is ideal for burning calories. But also to gain resistance and work the lower body.

You can use a spinning bike at home to make it more complete. Or use a street bike, choosing safe routes. And that allow you to work efficiently.

Exercising with weights and dumbbells
Getting some dumbbells and doing bicep exercises and working out the upper body is an excellent decision. Bicep exercises, for example, are good exercises for improving fitness. On an aesthetic level, they will allow you to develop, define and tone these muscles.

But strength exercises also provide other benefits at the fitness level. And it is that a developed musculature makes the metabolic capacity of your body improve. This allows you to burn more calories. Even while you are resting. So a muscular body burns more energy than a body without muscle. Something that will come in handy if you want to lose weight.

Start with moderate weights and short sets. As you gain shape, you can increase your weight and also do routines with two and three sets of each exercise.

Squats, glute exercises
One of the best exercises to work your glutes is squats. They are key to lifting and hardening these. You can do them in the same routine as the abdominal exercises.

It is important that you take care of the technique. This will prevent discomfort and injury. And you will get better results. As with the abs and biceps, gaining muscle will improve your metabolism.

Jump rope, one of the best exercises to improve fitness
Skipping rope is an exercise you can do at home, in the gym, or outdoors. And it is one of the most interesting exercises to improve physical fitness. It allows you to gain important cardio work and also legs, trunk and arms. It is also interesting to improve abilities such as reflexes. And it supports HIIT or interval training.

Keep in mind that skipping rope is a very demanding exercise. So if you have led a sedentary life it is better to start with a low intensity and low time. HIIT training may be ideal for you as it is another option to optimize your training time.

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