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The most advisable to keep the metabolism working throughout the day is to eat five meals, and of these, two can be snacks. Also, remember that if you eat every 3 or 4 hours, instead of every 7 or 8, you will face your food with less anxiety and that helps to control more what you eat.

Here is a selection of savory, sweet, and other snacks that need to be cooked, even a little.

1.Apple or pineapple with cottage cheese. Better than the fruit be of the Granny Smith variety, whose acid flavor combines well with the accompanying dairy.
2. Cherry tomatoes. They are rich, healthy, and very comfortable to eat.
3. Carrot and cucumbers. You can peel it, cut it into strips, and eat it at any time.
4. Toast with jam. Both bread and jam should be of some healthy option, low in sugar and rich in nutrients. Search well, because there is life beyond white bread.
5. Energy bars. There is a great variety, some with more calories because they serve to accompany a good workout and others lighter.
6.Toast with banana and cinnamon. Cinnamon combines very well with this fruit and gives it a sweet touch for lovers of these flavors.
7. Cooked eggs. The egg protein is great, also to snack between meals.

When accompanying these snacks with a drink, remember to avoid gas and sugars. It is important that you drink either water, or fruit waters made naturally and thus ensure that they have no additives, or an infusion.

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