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    Did you already set your weight goal?
    Are you ready to take your first 360 session?


    1. The first step to do so, is to click on ‘Add your first 360 session’.



    2. Once you are ready the camera will show up and will require to take 8 pictures.

    3. Place your phone on portrait screen orientation against and on a plane surface so it can standstill.

    4. Put your camera on selfie mode so it can be easier to place yourself at waist-height at the sight of the camera, and then click on the white circle to start, the app will give you 3 seconds in advance to take the first picture.

    5. Quickly, take a few steps (6 to 7 ft or 3 meters) to be located in front of the camera and once the countdown timer reaches zero the first photo will be taken.

    6. After the first picture, the countdown will start again so you will need to follow the man illustrated on the phone screen and rotate 45 degrees to the orientation specified, and the picture will be taken again, proceed with the next pictures until you complete all 360 sessions.



    7. After you complete the 8 pictures, a window will be displayed asking if you want to retry the session. If you are satisfied with the 360 session click on ‘Next’

    8. Test your weight on a scale, write it down and click on ‘Next’.  If you don’t want to enter your weight, click on ‘SKIP’.

    9. Set the date,  add your mood during your session and tap ‘Save 360 Session’.


    Note: Setting your mood during your session will help you track your emotions as well as what triggers them.

    Privacy Policy Reminder: Your pictures will be securely saved on your device, not on a server. They won’t be uploaded to any platform without prior consent.

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