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    Once you are a premium member then you are ready to set your first goal weight.

    Follow the next easy steps to get started.

    Step 1. On the main menu click on the ‘Set your goal weight’ button.

    Step 2.

    Do you want to lose or gain weight?  Set the weight you want to accomplish, add a title or a purpose for that goal and insert a specific deadline, once you fill it up click on ‘Set Goal’.

    Scenery 1.
    Jessica wants to lose weight for her sister’s wedding. The due date is December 23rd. ( Today is August, 9th )
    She needs to set her goal weight for that specific day, for example, 173.4 lbs, add the title or purpose for that goal (Her sister’s wedding), set the deadline ( December 23rd) and tap on Set Goal. It will be shown how many lbs per week you need to lose or gain to reach your goal.



    Adjust Goals as Needed

    Relying on healthful eating and constant physical activity can help you achieve your weight gain/loss goals.

    Holidays, vacations, and travel can mean setbacks on your fitness journey. Losing weight involves using up more calories than you take in, and gaining weight involves taking in more calories in a clean way and also increase your physical activity.

    Don’t forget to consult a highly trained professional to ask for advice and guidance to reach your goal weight properly.

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