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HIIT has become a popular way to burn more fat. It is a training method that has been effective for many people.


HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) is an interval training method based on “all-out”, that is, giving everything. Depending on the intensity at which the effort is made, the intervals will range from a few seconds to several minutes. This type of training is usually associated with activities such as running or cycling but can also be done in other ways such as using an oar, skipping …


Number of weekly sessions: It is recommended to perform between 2 and 3 weekly sessions always with interleaved rest days. It is very important to respect these days because the correct performance of a HIIT implies significant wear on a person both physical and mental so it will be necessary to let our body recover to face the next training.

Duration of the series and breaks: The series can range from 15-20 seconds to even last minutes. This will depend mainly on the intensity we want to give the exercise. In this same way, the longer the duration of the series and therefore the lower the intensity of the exercise, the breaks will be reduced.

Number of repetitions: As it happened in the previous case, a greater intensity will concur in a smaller number of series and vice versa. In this way, as we can see, a greater number of series doing rowing, for example, it is because we work long intervals at low intensity and therefore we will be focusing our work on aerobic capacity.

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