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  1. Find motivation
    Let’s face it: if you are not motivated, you will not go. So the first thing is to find something that makes you want to play sports. In general, this amounts to setting well-defined objectives. They can lose weight, tone muscles, increase flexibility, or respiratory capacity, there are many possibilities. You decide what you want to achieve.
  2. Choose the gym and proper equipment
    The second thing you should do after asking yourself how to start training in the gym is to choose a gym that meets your expectations. For this, you have to consider the quality of the professionals, the level of hygiene, and the facilities. Also, consider the location of the center. If it’s too far or inaccessible, it’s easier to stop going, especially if you want to exercise early in the morning.

The next thing is to get basic equipment that fulfills its function, and the most basic are good sneakers and sportswear.

3. Don’t push it TOO hard
Many believe when asking how to start in the gym that it is best to start by going every day, however sometimes we want to get things too fast. So this is not very advisable when you do sports, as it can lead to preventable injuries. Keep in mind that the first thing is to learn the basic techniques. If you do not know how to do the movements well, they will not give the expected result and you can also hurt yourself.

4. Prepare your things the day before
Procrastination is one of the big problems when starting to exercise. The “tomorrow I start” is lengthening and never comes. So if you are going in the morning, leave things ready the day before. This makes it more difficult for laziness to overcome you and you will feel somewhat more obligated.

5. Train with a coach
The best thing to do when you start going to the gym is to have a coach. Perhaps it is the best advice for the first day of the gym since he will explain how to do the movements and will control that you do not make gestures that can be harmful to you. It will also ensure that you do not involve muscles that you should not so as not to distract the attention of the muscle group that you do want to work.

6. Watch out for injuries
To prevent the best thing you can do is warm-up before starting the main part of the routine and stretch afterward. This will ensure that your muscles are prepared. Anyway, don’t worry too much about this point if you have a coach, because he will mark it for you on your exercise table.

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