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The beginning of the year always offers a motivation to start any type of routine, such as sports. But weeks go by and these good resolutions that flood us as we start a new year of life can be lost.

So if you feel unmotivated to train, don’t panic! There are some basic and efficient tricks you can develop to get back to your exercise routine with desire. Many sports experts agree that, usually by the fourth week, motivation begins to decline. But there are formulas to avoid falling into this situation.

Steps to follow to motivate yourself to do sports

  1. Set small goals and make a plan

Visualize what you want to improve about your body and your health and plan your days accordingly. Set realistic goals. If you put them too high and difficult to meet it is very easy to lose motivation by not meeting them. If you go little by little and see that you get what you want, you will continue to want to. Above all, at first, start with simple exercises.

2. Tell everyone
It is common for people to want to look good in the eyes of others. Whenever you start a new life plan: quit smoking, write a book, or start an exercise routine, you should share it. Thus there is the motivation of having to demonstrate to the rest how you are pursuing your goals.

3. Use an app or join a group that does the same
If you are part of a group where more people are in the same purpose, it is easier to catch the desire of others. Join a gym, a sports group in your city, a friend who has the same goal of starting to play sports. You can also download an application on your mobile where other people have this plan and encourage each other.

4. Don’t compare yourself to other people
Any mini failure in your process of finding motivation to train can have negative consequences. And something you shouldn’t do is compare yourself to others. Each person has their own rhythm and it may be that you surround yourself with people with greater prior preparation or, on the contrary, that they evolve more slowly. Give what you can of yourself, as we have already told you in Mundo Fitness.

5. Link your sports routine to another mandatory habit
For example, wash your hair only on exercise days. Always look for the same schedule for your routine. And make the rest of the plans based on respecting these schedules. If you are a person who loves to follow their routines well it will be easier for you. And if not, you will see that meeting some schedules will make you feel better and that will help you organize other aspects of your daily life.

6. Remember to complement with a good diet
If you recover your motivation to train, but you link the sport to a diet that is not healthy, you will not see results. And that will make you lose the initial desire. So plan your meals, also realistically so that you are able to carry out the plan.

7. Choose a place that you like and make it a pleasant moment
Carry out your sports practice in a beautiful place that makes you feel good and you like it. And also, accompany that moment with a ‘playlist’ of your favorite songs or with an audiobook. Playing sports is not just exerting effort to have a beautiful body. It is also a great practice to disconnect. It should be your pleasure moment of the day. This will make it easier for you to get hooked.

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