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What is plogging?
Plogging is a sports modality that emerged in Sweden that manages to add a new dimension to practicing exercise regularly. Its concept mixes environmental awareness and the search for an active lifestyle, as it combines jogging with the active search for garbage to collect it.

So, to practice plogging, in addition to dressing in your usual sportswear and wearing good running shoes, you will need to carry a few bags with you. And it is that this modality demands that you get involved in each of your outings to go running making the world a cleaner place. In this way, you will not only practice jogging, but you will also collect all the waste you find on the route you establish.

Plogging benefits
Plogging, in addition to making a more ecological reality possible, adds very interesting aspects in terms of health and active life. And is that having to run and stoop continuously to collect waste helps increase calorie burn. The extra squats added to the run add extra effort that your body will notice positively.

On the other hand, one of the advantages of plogging is that it constitutes an easy activity to be carried out by people of any age and physical condition. Everyone can regulate the pace, intensity, and difficulty of the route as they see fit, making it a very affordable sport, even if you are just starting to run.

Social networks are full of images of people collecting containers, plastics, butts, chewing gum, and all kinds of waste while plogging. One more way to make the ecological awareness that the world needs visible and viralize the small gestures that make it possible to improve the environment. For all these reasons, plogging is the perfect way to practice a very beneficial sport for health, while you invest part of your time in improving your environment through a sustainable initiative.

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