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The lack of motivation is statistically one of the main factors to give up a fitness life.

I think it has happened to most of us, you fall asleep motivated, thinking about getting up early, having a light breakfast and heading towards the gym, however once the alarm sounds, all that
motivation seems to disappear.

Where did all of your motivation go from the night before?
Inspirational quotes and music help in critical moments of lack of motivation, or to rekindle our fitness commitment. But there are other proven methods to help get you fired up in the first place,
says Deborah Feltz, PhD, a distinguished professor of Kinesiology at Michigan State University and author of numerous fitness studies.

Make your workout routine a habit with these four science backed ways to get and stay motivated for good.

1. Don’t Make Hard And Fast Rules. Make Little Steps.

It’s harder to set rules like “I have to start my workout program on a Monday or else it’s not worth it” Saying this kind of things, makes it easy to talk yourself out of it. Instead, set yourself for small objectives, like going for a walk even if it’s not a Monday, then you’re more likely to say “This
feels good, I think I can spare more time”

2. A Little Competition Can Make All The Difference.

Even if you’re not a competitive person by nature, finding an individual or group that is slightly better or faster than you has some major boosting power. We always want to improve ourselves.

3. Find a Friend To Share Your Fitness Lifestyle With
I know, I know.. Some people prefer workouts by themselves, but if you really need a little push, scheduling regular workouts with a companion can make all the difference.
First, because you have someone to get you off the couch.
Second, you can share your goals with someone who has the same aspirations as you.
And last but not least, you feel the compromise to not let that person

4. It’s Not All About How You Look

We know that one of the main reasons to exercise is because of physical appearance.
But if you make the way you look the only reason to do so, you may fall short of your expectations a few times and end up just giving up.
Instead of focusing on bigger, try setting micro-goals that’ll help you celebrate smaller victories along the way. Using different tools to track your daily improvements will definitely put you in a good mood and keep you motivated to stay on a fitness path.

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