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Ghee, is a superfood that is obtained from butter, it is a milk fat, which is obtained from butter after a process in which the protein is eliminated, which results in a much more digestive and long-lasting product that also has a huge amount of both nutritional and medicinal properties.

It is achieved by melting the butter until the solid part (the fat) is separated from the water. Once the cream is removed, the result is a yellowish liquid that, once cold, has a creamy appearance.

It is not a simple process but the result is a product with many health benefits.

The nutrients contained in Ghee mean that by consuming low amounts of this food, we obtain a high caloric density, so it is not recommended more than two tablespoons a day, but these already contribute to an activation of our digestive system to lose weight.

This superfood known as clarified butter, is the complement of a healthy diet, as well as healthy habits, since everything together helps to eliminate fat, because consuming healthy fats helps to release those toxins that cause us to gain weight .

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