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Why exercise?
There is a good reason why you should want to make exercise a part of your life.

First of all, you’ll be a healthier person whose body will serve you for many decades, rather than plague you. This should be reason enough, but a few other benefits are:

1) Boosted confidence/better self-image
2) More energy and motivation
3) Elevated moods
4) Generally more positive outlook
5) Creativity, creativity, creativity
6) Decreased anxieties and worries
7) Combats depression

5 Uncommon Tips.
1. Love the process, Love the pain. Every-day change is a winning day.
2. Set a trigger. Set a day to reach your goal.
3. Be spontaneous. Diversify constantly. Don’t do the same exercise every day. Do a different kinds of exercises and you will never get bored.
4. Doing anything always beats doing nothing. Always keep moving.
5. Start so small — microscopic. Don’t try to start with big challenges, try it small but try it. You will get stronger each day.

Remember the key to exercise is that your mind believes it too.

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