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One of the best decisions you can make is to choose a partner to train, since training with a friend will help you motivate yourself and achieve goals.

Benefits of training with a friend or group of athletes

One of the best decisions you can make after the decision to start training is the choice of a partner to train. Many studies have shown that exercising with a friend or group of colleagues ensures that you will work harder and longer than if you were doing them alone.

Freedman (2013) identified several factors to which this could be attributed:

Healthy competition
Training with another person brings a sense of competence for training. When you see your friend squeeze that last repetition, you will be more likely to try harder during your series.

If it is necessary to invest in a personal trainer for your fitness goals, dividing the cost with your partner is a good benefit.

Accountability and Stimulus
When you work with someone, you are investing in your success. You cannot simply decide to stay in bed and not go jogging when you know that your partner or group of runners are waiting for you.

When you think you can’t possibly make another kilometer, there they are to support and motivate you.

Health is contagious
Cameron (2007) showed that obesity can be socially contagious. So if we apply it to the contrary, you could have a healthy lifestyle. By dating fit and healthy people, their habits can be applied to you.

Get a good training partner

As in life, you have to choose your training partner carefully. You want someone who will test you and encourage you. You don’t want someone who doesn’t leave you after the first workout or anyone who yells “In the face!”

Be aware that your partner must have the ability to maintain commitments and their availability. Choose someone who can move forward with a commitment and share your interest.

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