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Having an exercise routine is beneficial whatever the time of the day, but each hour provides certain advantages over others. If you do an exercise routine in the morning:

You have more accumulated energy. If you have a lot of work and many things to do, sometimes you can arrive in the afternoon with a very tired body. But in the morning you have new energy after the hours of rest.

It will be easier for you to organize your days. People, when they follow a routine, in an organized way, are encouraged to maintain this order in their lives. Starting the day with sports will make you feel great about yourself and will motivate you for the rest of the day.

You will lower blood pressure. In general, doing sports is ideal to lower blood pressure and strengthen the heart. But there are studies, such as one done by an Appalachian State University researcher who claims that the benefit is even greater if the sport is done in the morning.

You will be in a better mood. Sport releases endorphins, that so-called hormone of happiness and that allow you to be more joyful to be happy, curb anxiety and reduce stress.

You will sleep better. You will get to bed tired. The training in the late afternoon, on the other hand, activates the body a lot for the night rest and that can be counterproductive.

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