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Contractures occur due to the involuntary contraction of certain muscles, which results in permanent retraction of the muscle and the appearance of various pain and discomfort. They can appear persistently, especially if you do physical activities such as sports or regular exercise, and they can appear both during the course of the activity and afterwards.

There are many causes that can cause a contracture, which is why they occur so regularly. One of the most common reasons is usually due to training with excessive work or overloading a group of muscles that are not yet ready. Poorly planned or improperly developed workouts can result in these discomforts.

Other causes of the appearance of contractures are abrupt stretching, both during a workout and during the day to day. Bad postures tend to cause this problem -especially when we do them continuously, such as a bad position in front of the computer-, as well as dehydration or a diet that does not cover the nutritional needs of the body in relation to caloric burning .

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