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It’s not just about what to eat before and after training, but also when to eat. In the case of post-training, the key is to eat when before. If you can’t go for a full meal right after finishing, a snack can help you get out of the way, but don’t forget the full meal later!

Refuel on carbohydrates and protein
Just as it was important that you eat these two types of food before training, these are also essential afterwards, only, in this case, the carbohydrates will be of slow medium absorption, since you do not need a fast load as before training , and healthy proteins. As carbohydrates you can take:

-Integral rice
-Wholemeal bread

As healthy proteins, you can choose to:
-Broad beans
If you’ve been doing intense strength training for long periods of time, you may need an extra dose of protein, especially when you are looking to gain muscle. There is a formula that will help you achieve it.

Divide your weight by 2.2 to find the kilos
Multiply the result by 0.4 and 0.5 to find the recommended protein intake range
Remember that this formula will come in handy if you undergo intense resistance training for long periods of time. Otherwise, you don’t need to have such a high percentage of protein.

What to eat before and after training: hydration
We cannot finish this post on what to eat before and after training without talking about your great ally both before, during and after training: water. Hydration is key, both for the well-being of your own health and to achieve the goals that you have set for yourself with your routines.

Now that you know what to eat after exercising and training, apply the tips to your diet and achieve maximum performance.

And you? What do you usually eat before and after exercising? Tell us about your experience!

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