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Although not everyone does and there is still debate on this issue, it is important that you know that not eating enough before training can make you feel dizzy, nauseous and lethargic, increase the risk of injury and even have a negative impact on the achievement of your training goals. Of course, there are people capable of training on an empty stomach, but the ideal is to recharge the body before starting to sweat, as well as to drink water, both before, during and after. Here are some ideas of what to eat before training.

Carbohydrates translate into energy. And when you eat them, they are transformed into glucose and give you the energy you need to boost your training. If you lack glucose when training, you will feel weak, tired and even want to leave it more and take a nap. Before training, medium and fast assimilation carbohydrates are good because they digest quickly and give you energy quickly. Here are some examples:

A fruit
A Greek yogurt (it will also give you protein)
A toast
A rice pancake
A cereal bar

Proteins: the great allies of your muscles
Of course, in our selection of foods to eat before doing sports, proteins could not be missing. And it is that these will come to you of pearls in the strength training. Of course, the idea is not that you opt for a hamburger just before training, but for proteins that are easy to digest and always without abusing the quantity. Some protein foods to eat before training are:

the nuts
Greek yogurt
A boiled egg
Milk or soy milk
A slice of turkey

How far in advance to eat before training
Here’s the million dollar question. The ideal is to eat between 30 minutes and 3 hours before training, because, in this way, you will have already digested when you start exercising and the energy from the calories in those foods will remain ready to be used. Of course, we are not all the same and the ideal is that you go testing until you manage to define what time is best for you and, even, what amounts. In the morning, a good idea may be to opt for a small breakfast half an hour before starting your routine. In the afternoon, a snack thirty minutes before and, after a full meal, wait 2 or 3 hours to start the training.

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